Nepean Business Park: First look at Great River Walk expansion plan

August 12, 2020

The latest vision on plans to extend a massive walk along the Nepean River in Western Sydney have been revealed by a major property developer. SEE THE VISION HERE.

Artist impressions of the great river walk extension.

The developer behind a multimillion-dollar business park in Sydney’s west has revealed the latest look at plans for a major extension to Penrith’s Great River Walk.

The Massive 2ha open space plan, which is being developed as part of the Nepean Business Park vision at the banks of the Nepean River, will see the inclusion of a landscaped walk and cycle path.

It will extend the river walk about 1.4km into the business park and onto the Penrith Regatta Centre.

Artist impressions of the Nepean Business Park in Sydney's west – earmarked to generate more than 18,000 jobs during construction and inject $1.9 billion to the local economy.

Brian Bonham is the president of the Penrith Cycling Club and said the new link would give kids and other riders a safe place to ride along the river.

“It also encourages people generally to get out and exercise,” he said. “They will see things they would not have seen before or have been aware of previously.”

Peter Wakefield (42), Tallulah-Belle Don-Wakefield (12), Wentworth Don-Wakefield (11) and Brian Bonham (70).

Runner and coach Alex McKenzie said his groups normal run to the “missing link” on the river before turning around and running back along the existing park.

“To extend the path along the banks of the river is a great move,” he said.

“We have heaps of marathon runners – many of whom like to run big long segments — this important link is part of wider plan to link up the lower Blue Mountains to the lakes and Penrith and ultimately to Goulburn in the south, north through Windsor and to other areas.”

A look at the Great River Walk extension at theNepean Business Park.

While Penrith Men’s Walk and Talk sponsor and WestCare Community Services director Andrew Paech said the extension could lead to special events for the 190 blokes that join them on their weekly walk.

This article was originally published in The Daily Telegraph on 12 August 2020.

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