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August 12, 2020

Nepean Business Park reveals what extension of Great River Walk will look like

Locals can now imagine what an extension between the Great River Walk and the Great West Walk may look like.

Precinct Capital, which is behind the Nepean Business Park, has released artist’s impressions of the landscaped walk and cycle path they plan to build as a part of the $613 million project.

An artist’s impression looking north along the expanded GreatRiver Walk.

Project Director Dylan Baudinet said Precinct Capital thought it was important to make a significant contribution to the Penrith community.

“We want the park to not just be a commercial centre, but also a place where employees can enjoy an attractive environmental setting and the public can engage in recreational activities,” he said. “We determined that contributing land and building an extension to the cycle and walkway at the junction between the walks would be a valuable way of showing our commitment to the local area.”

Many Penrith-based recreational fitness and social groups such as the Men’s Walk and Talk initiative have welcomed the plans.

Penrith Cycling Club President Brian Bonham said the extension would provide benefits to many locals including young cyclists.

“The only safe place we use currently is the Regatta Centre, but the new link will give kids another place to ride and exercise,” he said.

“It will also encourage people generally to get out and exercise as they will see things they would not have seen before or have been aware of previously.”

An artist’s impression of the view to the Great River Walk from the Nepean Business Park.

Mr Baudinet said they are delighted with the positive response from the community with the business park set to be constructed over the next few years.

“Precinct Capital is not only boosting local small business and local jobs growth with the business park itself, but also giving something to the larger community that they want,” he said.

“Building and infrastructure work in the business park including the Great River Walk and cycle path is very dependent on development approvals from the NSW Planning Department and Council.”

This article was originally published in The Western Weekender on 12 August 2020.

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